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November Updates!

Bonjour tout le monde, et félicitations pour le Concert d’Hiver ! It was a joy to watch our students perform under the amazing tutelage of Mme Weddle, and I am so very proud of their work. I’m back with another update on our progress in K-1 French:
Kindergarten is finishing up its lessons on the shapes and colors and will soon begin working with the numbers de zéro à dix (from 0 to 10). This means we will soon begin to add our age to our introductions: “Tu as quel âge ?” and the response “J’ai… ans.” Look below for links to two helpful videos—the first lists the numbers, and the second asks one’s age. I encourage you to practice these at home, and to count in French as often as you can!
1st Grade will be covering one more lesson in the first Unit to round out our semester: before we go on winter break, we will solidify our numbers one through fifteen, and we’ll take our turn with the colors and shapes!…

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