April Updates!

Bonjour tout le monde!

It's hard to believe how far we are into the year—just about two months remain in the school year, which means we have around 20 French classes left before summer hits. And on top of that, our calendar is chocked full of events!

In particular, we're celebrating our Fine Arts & French Night this Wednesday, the 11th of April. We invite all our families to join in on the celebrations from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, beginning with live performances by the K-2 and 3-5 French Clubs and two showings of our taped French Class songs. In addition, the Art Clubs will be holding interactive workshops, and have put on display the beautiful artwork made by our Archway Arete scholars.

Because I know some families may be unable to make it to our Wednesday night celebration, here is a google drive link to the video of our class performances (mp4 video approx. 1 GB): [Video removed out of respect for student media release issues]

Here's a quick update on our current progress in class:
1st Grade is currently hard at work in the following two lessons...
1.      Leçon 1 : « Qu’est-ce que c’est ? »
                 I.          Oral
a. School materials: cartable, ciseaux, colle, crayon, gomme, livre, stylo, trousse
b. Two new colors: marron et rose
c. « Qu’est-ce que c’est ? » and the response « C’est un/une… »
d. Possessive adjectives: mon, ma, mes / ton, ta, tes
                 II.          Written
a. How to write the colors with their articles “un” (masculine) and “une” (feminine)
b. How to understand and complete short phrases
                 III.          Communication
a. Identifying objects
b. How to number the objects one has
c. Characterizing objects by their color

2.    Leçon 2 : « Qui fait quoi ? » 
                 I.          Oral
a. French poetry with the piece “S’il te plaît”
b. The elementary rules of politesse
c. The question that asks, ‘who does what?’
d. Common verbs: demander, prêter, prendre, poser, ranger
                 II.          Written
a. How to understand and complete illustrated sentences
b. Putting together simple illustrated sentences with assistance
c. Copying short sentences without errors
d. Completing a longer text, having heard it many times and with the aid of a word bank
                 III.          Communication
a. How to ask someone for an object
b. Describing a simple action with a short sentence
c. Using the rules of politesse
                                     d. Reciting poetry before the class

Kindergarten is making good progress in...
The names and uses of classroom objects, with their colors and spellings
The directions 'sur,' 'sous,' 'devant,' 'derrière,' 'gauche,' and 'droite' (above, below, in front, behind, left, and right)
A review of our French alphabet and counting numbers from 0 to 10
The house, its rooms, and what's in it (including the family and pets)!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns—especially about Fine Arts & French Night—please do not hesitate to contact me by email at rgaudin@archwayarete.org or rgaudinarete@gmail.com. I hope to see you there, et je vous souhaite une bonne semaine!

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