Bonne année et bonne deuxième semestre!

Bonjour à tous, bonne année, et bienvenue à la retour!

Welcome back, everyone! I hope that the holidays have treated everyone well, and that all our students and families are returning to school refreshed and ready to hop back on the horse. We have a very active and exciting two quarters ahead of us. In our run up to the summer, we hope to cover a huge amount of ground in our Les Loustics program, we have more foundations to set in place in our Kindergarten, and—most importantly—we have a Fine Arts & French Night to prepare for!

I would like to thank all my families for their wonderful gifts and holiday wishes. I have enjoyed reading through your cards and I may never finish all of this chocolate! You all spoil me, and I'm honored to get to know you and work with your children.

On the topic of returning to school, here's our gameplan:
Week one has been all about reviewing and solidifying what we've worked on in the first semester—introductions, conversations, colors, figures, names, ages, numbers, etc. To jog our memories and prepare for March, we are doing a good deal of reading, singing, and practicing with games. To that end, I've brought from Louisiana a few wonderful books from The French Library: "Un Livre," "Toutes les choses avec lesquelles," and "Mon premier jour d'école." We'll be using these to tackle vocab and to reintroduce some silliness and joy into our practice of French.

After tackling this review, our 1st Grade will move on in their Les Loustics work. We're aiming to finish the first unit in the next two to three weeks, which ends on actions ("Qu'est-ce qu'il fait ?" / "Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait ?") and a brief talk about French art. We'll then move on into Unit 2: "Vive l'école." This unit focuses on the objects and tasks of school, the days of the week, some early grammar work with verbs and person (I, you, we, etc.), spelling, and writing.

In Kindergarten, we will also begin to focus this semester on writing, the French alphabet, and school topics. In addition, we will be working on home and family vocabulary, actions and directions in class, and words for our days, weeks, and months.

Of course, we are now starting to plan for Fine Arts & French Night, which will include music performances by each of the French classes k-5 and the two French clubs. We will therefore be devoting some of our class time to practicing our songs:
"Je te dis bonjour" -
"Quel âge as-tu ?" - I have written this one myself, and will try to make a recording ASAP :)
"Ma toupie" -
"1, 2, 3" -
and two more songs that we'll be introducing in the next few weeks.

As always, if you have questions about the program or your child's work, or if you'd like to drop a line and say hi, please feel free to write me at! Thanks!


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