Bonne journée et bon début de semaine !

After two weeks of dipping our feet into the French language with the Kindergarteners, and reviewing with our 1st Graders, we begin our curricula in earnest:

In our Kindergarten classes, we have been easing into the vocabulary of the classroom—from pupitres (desks),to crayons (pencils), to papier (I bet you know that one!)—we have been working hard to create a French environment ready for immersive learning. Keeping with that spirit, we have been playing some of our more beloved games with a French twist: "Simon Says" is called "Jacques Dit" with us, and the leaders of Heads Up 7 Up carry vocab image flash cards as their "names." Each class has also practiced songs for saying hello, and many students can already tell you how they feel using their French! We will continue to support these skills as we dive into numbers and stories this week, and as we strive to expand upon our working words.

With the 1st Graders, last Tuesday marked our introduction to the "Les Loustics" level one curriculum. This begins also with greetings and questions of "Comment ça va?", and we will be finishing up our first lesson with it this week. We then will move on to number and figure, and continue our practice of conversation. We too have been playing with our words in games, keeping the language fun and engaging, and have worked hard on songs in the classroom. This week, I hope to add a new tune to our repertoire, and have us sing along with the song below. The recording is a bit long, and I'm aiming to shorten it and learn it on the guitar for our classes.     "Comment ça va ?" par Alexandre

For 1st Grade: If students have copies of the Cahier d'Activités, I would love for them to bring them to class; if not, I ask that families purchase it. The program is available through many major retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If for any reason you cannot get your hands on the book, I will be making copies for students as necessary, and will talk to my department to see what we can do to provide books for folks in extenuating circumstances.

If you have the book, I encourage you to listen to some of the music on the attached CD at home, and I of course ask everyone to use French expressions at home when you can! This way, we're keeping up with our class not only as an academic pursuit, but as a real living language.

Merci, et j'espère que vous avez eu de bons weekends, et que vouz avez apprécié l'éclipse solaire ! Passez une bonne semaine !

Votre prof de français de 1st et Kinder,
Rémy Gaudin

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