Bonjour et Bonne Année!

Hello Arete families and students,

Bonjour tout-le-monde, et espécialement aux nouveaux étudiants! My name is Rémy Gaudin, and I'll be joining the Archway Arete specials team this year as the Kindergarten-1st Grade French teacher. This is a surprising and delightful development for me, and I hope to make it an equally wonderful year for our Arete scholars!

This blog is the place where I plan to keep parents up-to-date with our progress in the Kindergarten and 1st Grade French classes, French-themed events on campus, and other exciting news in the Great Hearts French language network. I'd also like to use this space to host resources (handouts, music, and other study aids) for parents and students as the year gets up and running.

I come to teaching fresh out of school, having completed my degree in the Liberal Arts at St. John’s College this past May of 2017, where I studied philosophy, classics, and language (Ancient Greek and French). Prior to that, I attended Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans, a top-rated charter program in Louisiana, where I graduated in 2013 in the top ten of my class, and served as a member of the National Honor Society. Although I am not a native French speaker, I have 11 years of experience under my belt, both in speech and in translation, and have worked with a number of outstanding professionals on all levels of academia. I am excited for the opportunity to pass on what they have given to me, and to provide for the next generation of French speakers!

I plan to begin the year by taking stock of what progress our first graders made in the last school year, and by introducing modes of address and common vocabulary on the kindergarten level. This will tell me where I need to begin with our older scholars, and will give our fresh French speakers the first tools they need to master the language. In both cases, I hope to have my students speaking early and often, reading thoroughly and accurately, and eventually writing with skill and ease.

In addition to my work in the lower grades, I will also be serving as an assistant teacher to Mr. Michael Naaktgeboren in his 4B class. Although this poses a huge challenge for me in my first year of teaching, I am determined to work my hardest to bring both joy and knowledge into the classroom, to help inspire this amazing group of kids to more dazzling heights, and to encourage them to be both determined scholars and engaged citizens in their pursuit of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful!

J'espère que vous avez eu de bons vacances, et que vous êtes bien excités de commencer cet année d'instruction en français avec moi!

Rémy Gaudin

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